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20 minutes

How to Give a Great Media Interview

You will learn how to…
Give interviews and participate in press conferences
Adapt your message for a particular audience
Avoid journalist "traps"
Susan Tomai & Bill Connor
World-Renowned Media Relations Experts
Lecturer's bio
Lecturer's bio

Susan Tomai and Bill Connor, world-famous specialists from Oratorio, train senior executives and public officials from different countries for public speaking and media interviews. With more than twenty years of experience in Washington broadcast journalism, they conduct intensive hands-on training program that is popular among corporate and government leaders.

Susan and Bill’s list of clients includes the U.S. Department of State, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, the Consumer Electronics Association, Ritz-Carlton and Saudi Airlines.

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What is this course about?

This mini-course, brought to you by, will teach you how to give a virtuoso interview. You will discover how to achieve what you want in interviews with journalists and also how to use communication with the press as a free marketing tool. You will be able to adapt your speech for the mass audience receiving your interview. You will learn how to communicate with reporters on television and radio, in print and for a mass online audience. You will be taught how to avoid the typical mistakes such as, for example, speaking accidentally into a live microphone, the phrase ‘No comment’ and similar. You will be able to broadcast the largest amount of key information in the shortest of interviews. If you want to develop a mutually advantageous relationship with mass media and create the best image for your company, take this mini-course: ‘How to Give a Great Media Interview’. 


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • PR specialists
  • Marketing specialists
  • Press secretaries