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Speech recognition
Power phrases for sales
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How to Deal with “I’m Busy Right Now” Objection

You will learn how to…
Overcome customer objections
Make cold calls
Actively guide the dialogue with the client
Set appointments with potential clients
Sales Simulation

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What is this simulator about

In this simulator you will learn how to handle typical brush-off objections during cold calls: “I’m busy right now,” “I don't have time to talk,” “Can’t talk right now, I'm in a meeting.” Through practice exercises, you will memorize 3 scripts for answering objections. All the exercises are voiced: you can practice your scripts in life-like situations.

This simulator uses speech recognition to help you practice the scripts. To use it you need headphones, a microphone, and Google Chrome browser. Learn at least one script and say it correctly without hints to get a diploma. You can also download scripts from this simulator in PDF.


Who is this
simulator for?

  • All sales professionals
  • Sales development reps
  • Call center agents