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20 minutes
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Sales | Account Executive career

How to Show Financial Value of a Solution

You will learn how to…
Understand basic financial concepts and formulas
Sell in the B2B market
Calculate financial value
Sell to top management
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

The simulator 'Financial Value for Sales Reps' will instantly get you going with basic financial calcualtions. Designed for those that can't claim math is their biggest strength, the course will help to learn a number of simple ways to estimate the financial value of any solution. Throughout the simulator you will find yourself in 6 different cases ranging in difficulty. Retaking the simulation will provide new random situations to sharpen your skills.

This simulator is aimed at sales reps and all those who need to prove the financial value of a product or service.


Who is this
simulator for?

  • All sales professionals
  • Sales development reps
  • Sales managers
  • Investment beginners
  • Everyone interested in career development