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60 minutes
Practice to make skills second nature

Sales Management Game 1. Part 2

You will learn how to…
Have efficient and meaningful conversations with employees
Identify the correct issues to criticize
Effectively communicate with "problem" employees
Motivate and develop your employees
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

The simulator "One on One Meeting" will help managers learn how to handle private meetings with their employees. the simulator offers a variety of realistic workplace situations, ranging from effectively delegating workplace objectives to dealing with private issues. Throughout the simulator you will find yourself in 6 different cases ranging in difficulty. Retaking the simulation will provide new random situations to sharpen your skills.

This simulator is aimed at managers and those employees that need to overlook the workplace efficiency of others.

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Who is this
simulator for?

  • VPs of human resources
  • Strategic planning managers
  • Sales managers
  • Top managers
  • Everyone involved in negotiations
  • Department heads