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How to Write Follow Up Emails That Get Replies

You will learn how to…
Avoid typical mistakes
Be attentive to detail
Explain your ideas in simple and entertaining way
Make your email communication professional and efficient
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

While every sales process involves understanding customer demands, developing a solution and closing a deal, actually closing it involves another aspect that Eduson thinks a lot about: following up. Follow-ups demonstrate your determination to build relationships with your customers, and most significant sales are the end result of a relationship.

Problem is, it’s much too easy to send a generic, “just checking-in” follow up email. That said, the process of contacting a prospect can be overwhelming. When do we follow up? How do we maintain contact without being a pest? What do we say? Why aren’t they answering me?! This simulator will tell you why and what’s more important, it will teach you how to.

Who is this
simulator for?

  • Account executives
  • Sales development reps
  • Sales managers
  • Beginner sales reps