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AE: How to Use 10 Gmail Tricks to Increase Work Efficiency

You will learn how to…
Make your email communication professional and efficient
Avoid embarrassing mistakes by enabling the Undo Send feature in Gmail
Get to Inbox Zero by archiving answered messages and muting irrelevant conversations
Organize your Gmail Inbox using filters, labels, and folders
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

In this simulation, you will learn how to use Gmail more efficiently. The simulation consists of 10 interactive exercises in Gmail interface. In each exercise, you will pick up a new Gmail technique.

You will learn how to organize your Inbox using tricks such as labels, folders, and Multiple Inboxes. You will be able to reduce the number of emails in your Inbox by using filters, archiving answered messages, and muting irrelevant conversations.

You will also discover how to use Gmail and Google Calendar together more efficiently by adding a calendar widget to the mailbox and creating new calendar events associated with particular messages. You will learn how to “undo” sending an email and how to set up an automatic out-of-office response.

You can download all the 10 tips you learned in PDF for future reference.


Who is this
simulator for?

  • All sales professionals
  • Account executives
  • Sales development reps
  • Everyone who uses email communication