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Project Management

How to Write a Business Case for a Project

You will learn how to…
Develop skills in project management
Write an executive summary of a project
Formulate objectives of a project
Peter Taylor
Project Management Specialist
Lecturer's bio
Lecturer's bio

Peter Taylor is a project management specialist, a business consultant, and the author of two bestsellers on the art of productive laziness: The Lazy Winner and The Lazy Project Manager.

Taylor started his career at KPMG and undertook projects at Siemens, Cognos, and Infor. His clients included Microsoft, Volvo, Vodafone, Alcatel, Orange, InterContinental Hotels Group, Intel, Thomson Reuters, universities, the Welsh government, and Britain's Food Standards Agency. Also among his clients were prestigious universities and business schools, such as the Cranfield University School of Management, University of Birmingham, and Warwick Business School.

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What is this course about?

This mini-course will teach you how to write an executive summary of the project, identify its objectives, recommendations and project description (including cost/benefit analysis, as well as ROI calculation). You will also learn how to compile the existing data in one readable document. Upon the completion of the mini-course “How to Write a Business Case for a Project”, you will be able to secure the necessary resources for the project and create the basis for its consistent implementation.

This mini-course is a part of 3-hour course by Peter Taylor “Project Management Basics.”


Who is this course for?

  • Executives
  • Business consultants
  • Managers at all levels
  • Project managers
  • Company owners