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20 minutes
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How to Close Deals

You will learn how to…
Close the deal with the client
Deal with successful and failed negotiations
Get the best price and terms of the deal
Manage sales negotiations
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

Every business deal is different from the other and requires an individual approach. However, there are many sales methodologies, which can greatly facilitate sales process. In this simulator, we will stick up to one of the top sales techniques – solution selling. It focuses on the buyer’s need rather than specific product features or benefits.

You will get a chance to close 3 deals featuring 5 pipeline milestones in each one of them. Learn how to prepare for a deal and hold negotiations, practice in closing and sealing deals: provide solutions, offer non-monetary benefits to your client, give discounts (but ask for some value in return) and resolve unforeseen situations.

Who is this
simulator for?

  • Account executives
  • Sales managers
  • Everyone involved in negotiations
  • Beginner sales reps