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Sales | Retail Sales Assistant career

Retail: How to Independently Find Solutions in Difficult Situations

You will learn how to…
Effectively deal with angry or upset customers
Analyze problems and come up with solutions
Choose appropriate words and expressions
Use the IDEAL framework for problem solving
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

In this simulation, you will learn the IDEAL framework for problem solving: 1) Identify the problem, 2) Dig into the details, 3) Explore the options, 4) Agree on the solution, 5) Look back (summarize). This five-step process will help you resolve your customers’ issues more quickly and confidently.

The simulation consists of 3 modules which include voice acted conversations with customers and interactive exercises. In each module, you will go through the entire process of problem solving practicing the IDEAL framework. You can also download a brief summary of the technique in PDF for future reference.


Who is this
simulator for?

  • Retail business owners
  • Store managers
  • Retail salespeople