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9 minutes

How to Reward a Customer

You will learn how to…
Increase sales
Build rapport with clients
Successfully work with clients in retail sales
Acquire new customers referred to by existing customers
Orvel Ray Wilson
expert in the field of sales
Lecturer's bio
Lecturer's bio

Orvel Ray Wilson is a professional speaker, sales trainer, and business coach who is a well-known specialists in Guerrilla Marketing and Guerrilla Selling. In collaboration with the creator of this concept, Jay Conrad Levinson, Wilson has written six books in the legendary series of the same name.

He has worked with major companies throughout the world for over 30 years, and has clients in 47 countries. Orvel Ray Wilson has been ranked in the Top-5 Sales Speakers in online polls for four consecutive years – 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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What is this course about?

In this mini-this course you will learn how to express your appreciation to customers and make them feel important and valued. Using examples, Orvel Ray Wilson will show you how you can make your customers leave your store feeling surprised and delighted. You will learn how to increase customer loyalty at a minimal cost. Thanks to this course, you will be able to give your customers reasons to come back and to recommend your company to their friends.

This mini-course is part of a 3-hour course called "Guerrilla Selling".


Who is this course for?

  • All sales professionals
  • Sales development reps
  • Sales managers
  • Client managers
  • Beginner sales reps