19 minutes
Interactive Video
Management | Sales Team Lead career

Problem Employees. Part 1. Relationships

You will learn how to…
Effectively communicate with "problem" employees
Control your emotions in difficult situations
Give constructive criticism to employees
Effectively interact with people of different styles
Richard Adams
Eduson Tutor
Lecturer's bio
Lecturer's bio

Richard Adams is an Eduson tutor. He has over 10 years of experience in sales and management.

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What is this course about?

This Eduson.tv mini-course will teach you how not to succumb to emotional blackmail and other forms of manipulation, which you may encounter when dealing with “difficult people”. You will be able to react correctly to behavior exhibited by the “whiner”, the “pedant” and the “pessimist”, as well as by an aggressive or highly sensitive person. Thanks to this mini-course, you will learn how to overcome any difficulties when dealing with these kinds of employees, from crying to the silent reproach.


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR managers
  • Managers at all levels