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30 minutes
4 cases
Branching Storyline

Frameworks for Developing a Growth Strategy

You will learn how to…
Analyze the market for a new product
Use the McKinsey 7S framework
Use the three horizons framework
Collect and analyze information for decision-making
Business Case

What is this course about?

You will learn the main frameworks for growth strategy development. We will show how McKinsey’s 7S framework helps improve performance and likely effects of future changes. We will also discuss the 7 typical project’s outlines within Portfolio of Initiatives and what it can say about the company’s strategy balance. Finally, we will discuss 3 Horizons of Growth framework and how it aids balancing currently succesful projects and projects with long-term pay-offs. Avery Dennison case on 3 Horizons of Growth is provided.


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Strategic planning managers
  • Analysts
  • Department heads