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15 minutes
Branching Storyline
Practice to make skills second nature
Power phrases for sales

How to Handle Objections in 5 Steps

You will learn how to…
Overcome customer objections
Manage sales negotiations
Negotiate price and discounts
Identify and build competitive advantage
Dialogue Simulation
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What is this course about?

Your role: You are a sales manager at Brasco & Co. You are selling insurance packages to SMB. At the moment, you are meeting a prospect. You have already discussed your offer, and the prospect likes it. Yet, he has a number of objections.

Your prospect: Alex Burns, 47, runs a small logistics company.

Your goal: Handle 3 objections effectively and move to closing the deal.


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • All sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Department heads
  • Client managers