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20 minutes
Branching Storyline
Practice to make skills second nature
Power phrases for sales

How to Get to Implied Needs of the Client

You will learn how to…
Conduct negotiations by phone effectively
Make customers interested
Overcome customer objections
Manage sales negotiations
Dialogue Simulation
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What is this course about?

You are a sales manager at Coffee&Co company. You are selling coffee and coffee machines.Today you are going to work with implied needs of the prospect. You have talked to the prospect on the phone but haven't discussed anything really important.

Your goal: get understanding of the current situation in the company and develop one of the needs the prospect has.

Your prospect: an owner of a small coffee shop chain.

You have limited time at your disposal, so concentrate on the most important issues. Good luck!

The result of your conversation should be a need your prospect will explicitly express after your discussion.


Who is this course for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • All sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Beginner sales reps
  • Call center agents