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15 minutes
Branching Storyline
Practice to make skills second nature
Power phrases for sales

When a Customer Demands to Speak to the 'Person in Charge'

You will learn how to…
Assess a situation quickly
Manage sales negotiations
Conduct negotiations by phone effectively
Express emotions in a polite manner
Dialogue Simulation

What is this course about?

You are a manager at an insurance company. Your main task is to support clients on the phone with all their queries. You often get calls from dissatisfied clients who want to address their needs directly to the head officer. So, how do you handle such situations?

In this simulation, you will learn the best strategies you could use when somebody wants to complain to the top management of the firm.


Who is this course for?

  • Everyone interested in career development
  • Department heads
  • Client managers
  • Beginner sales reps
  • Call center agents