16 Ready-to-Apply Competence Sets for Better Hiring, Training and Assessing Employees

In this white paper you’ll get:

  • Sets of skills and knowledge for 16 most common positions in your company.
  • Instructions on best training for each employee to make your company prosperous.
  • BONUS: FREE Competence Mapping Tool in the end of the white paper.

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Why do you have to calculate eLearning ROI?

It isn’t always easy to prove the worth of eLearning, we know.

Elearning specialists constantly face a lot of ‘why’ questions: Why is eLearning indispensable for the company? Why does it need special (and increasing) budget? Why can’t online courses be replaced with conventional mentoring or training?

Get the killer arguments for your executives

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New 10 Tips on Hire Orientation & Onboarding Plan

Why your company should have onboarding program:

  • 69% of employees choose to stay in the company as a result of onboarding program.
  • It takes 1 year for an average new employee to become fully productive.
  • 49% of millennials claim they need a better onboarding process.

In this white paper you’ll get:

  • 10 tips on better onboarding with infographics.
  • Best practices from global brands (IBM, Toyota, Master Card, etc.).
  • 2 big onboarding mistakes you are likely to make.

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Why small companies refuse to train employees?

Most businessmen can’t help but wonder, what sets their companies’ growth back? Competitors’ actions? Unfriendly market environment?

If you have the same thoughts, try to remember the last time your company's staff took a training or a course to improve their qualifications.

It's likely that the answer will be “I don't remember” or, simply, “never”. And it's also likely that you have a couple really good reasons for that. We’ve guessed five.

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