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Interactive educational platform

Thanks to real company cases, interactive assignments, branching storylines and gamified elements, Eduson courses are as immersive as a good movie!

Learning statistics, diplomas and rankings motivate you
to learn while quizzes determine any weak spots
you may have and it tests you on your newly acquired knowledge.

Online courses can be completed at any time
from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

All courses on 1 page

The Eduson homepage automatically changes for each employee. All of your most important data is shown here: courses assigned by your manager, recommendations based on test results, new releases, and announcements.

Constantly updated library of 1500+ courses

New interesting courses on sales, management, marketing, HR, time management, and public speaking are uploaded to the Eduson platform on a monthly basis. Courses aim to improve practical skills, rather than theoretical knowledge: real company cases and interactive simulations help to learn new material and apply it at work.

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6 learning formats

  1. Animated presentations

  2. Dialogue simulations

  3. Business cases

  4. Interactive video courses

  5. Sales simulators


Eduson uses game mechanics to immerse employees into the learning process. Employees communicate with different characters, make decisions, receive rewards and see their own progress in training courses. Rankings and diplomas push employees to continue learning.

Branching scenarios and interactive videos

Eduson lectures contain interactive questions: the outcome of the course depends on the answers chosen by the learner, just like in a video game. Branching scenarios adapt the difficulty of the course to the skill level of the employee: if the learner makes a lot of mistakes, the course will offer to re-learn the basics, if not — the course will go to the next level.

Education through practice

Participants learn how to make decisions in situations that imitate the real working process (Skype and regular calls, VR meetings, email). Dialogue courses immerse you into interactions with clients: voiced conversations and branching stories maintain attention, while regular feedback allows you to see and correct your mistakes.

22 Tests to Determine your Knowledge

Eduson tests help employees uncover their strengths and weaknesses in different fields: sales, management, finance.

All tests are adaptive. Their difficulty adjusts automatically to the employee’s level: the more questions one answers correctly, the more difficult the test becomes. After completing the test, the employee can choose courses from a list of recommendations that can help them eliminate the gaps in their knowledge.

Assign tests

Individual learning trajectory

Employees can view which courses and tests are assigned to them for mandatory completion. An individual competency card helps employees set objectives, track progress and eliminate problems.

Personal learning statistics

Over 30 simple graphs and diagrams help to track learning progress. Personal statistics show test results, completed courses, and skills that you have obtained.

Employee rankings

Public rankings allow you to compare your progress to your coworkers.

Compete with colleagues

Track individual and team efforts in real time. Employee rankings create a competitive environment and motivate you to learn more.

Set objectives

See which courses your coworkers have completed and set your own objectives. Your coworkers will see your progress too.

Print out a learning plan

Print out your own learning plan with the press of a single button. It will be useful when you discuss your progress with your manager or compete for a promotion.

Show your diplomas to your colleagues and friends

Completed courses offer diplomas that you can print out or post on your LinkedIn. Show everyone what you have achieved: you have a reason to be proud!

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