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Eduson Clients
Eduson Clients
Eduson Clients

5 Modern Learning Formats:
Engage, Study and Apply into Practice

Interactive Business Cases
  • Multimedia content: video and audio tracks, drag&drop elements, skype call simulation, tests and quizzes.
  • Gamification: meet the protagonist — your mission is to help him solve a problem and achieve a business goal.
  • Story branching: the plot and the final result depend on your decisions, like in a computer game.
Dialog Simulations
  • Voice-over dialogues: emulate real-life situations at a meeting or in a store.
  • Overcoming objections: you face all kinds of poplar customers’ objections and need to find right answers to complete the course.
  • Gamification elements: vivid characters, branching scenario, motivating goal.
Interactive Video Lectures
  • Instant feedback: answer questions and get the instructor’s reactions like at a face-to-face training.
  • Relevant business cases: lectors illustrate theory with best practices of the US companies.
  • Active microlearning: during an average 3 hour course you go through 15 short videos and tests.
Assessment Tests
  • Competency map: get a detailed picture of every employee’s skill and knowledge gaps.
  • Individual training program: based on the tests’ results, Eduson automatically recommends appropriate courses for an employee.
  • Quick assessment: it takes just 30 minutes to test a person’s knowledge in 8 business areas.
  • Training for distributed teams: conduct real-time instructor-led trainings for unlimited number of participants based at any location.

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