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In less than an hour your company will be able to set up and start learning on

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5 Learning Formats

We know that the typical online courses with the "talking heads" don't work, they bore people to death. That's why we've created 5 learning formats: advanced video courses, mini-courses, animated presentations, business cases (work as interactive games), dialogue simulators for sales managers. Eduson courses are like good Hollywood movies: exciting content engages you right away!

Analytics for HR

HR needs detailed learning statistics in the forms of charts, tables and reports. Who are taking courses? What are the average scores for the tests? What is the average time spent on learning? Our analytics provides answers to all of those questions, and automatically generates a progress report for the whole company or specific groups of employees (departments, regional offices, talent pool).


Interactive Videos

During a classroom course, you can ask the instructor, but modern online courses provide similar opportunities as well. Interactive videos at Eduson create the illusion of communication with the instructor, the course of the plot depends on the user’s answers, like in a computer game.

Course Editor

The Eduson library contains hundreds of various courses, but if it's not enough or you need specific courses for your company (on product line or sales scripts, for example), you can easily and quickly create your own courses and tests using Eduson course editor. You can add your own videos, presentations and tests.

Personnel Assessment

Learning can't be the same for everyone, it must take into account everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. With Eduson you will get an accurate evaluation of the employee's strong suits and gaps in 30 minutes. Assign our tests, and receive a competences map and a list of individually recommended courses.

Learning Tracks

Marketers and accountants, trainees and top managers should take different courses. You can create groups of employees and assign learning tracks to them. You can choose an existing track or put together your own using Eduson video courses, business cases and presentations.


The Eduson platform supports courses in the SCORM format. This allows you to upload your existing courses, watch them online and enjoy all the benefits of an innovative cloud-based learning management system (analytics, course editor, personnel assessment, learning tracks, etc.).

Notifications for Employees

You don't have to remind everyone about the upcoming course deadlines any more, Eduson will do it for you. Employees will automatically receive e-mail notifications about the completed courses, received diplomas, assigned learning tracks and tests, approaching deadlines.


Eduson can be integrated with popular LMS and HR-systems to make your work easier. Instantly update lists of employees, analyze statistics and get detailed reports.


Conduct training sessions for employees online. You can easily share new products, processes and technologies with your colleagues and get instant feedback. Just choose suitable format for your webinar — a screen demonstration, a presentation or a video.

Daily Knowledge Channel

Learning for 5 minutes every day is more effective than taking a 3-day training course once a year. You can set up a daily knowledge channel and your employees will every day get e-mails with short educational videos that won’t distract them from work for long. The channel adapts to knowledge and interests of each employee.


Business cases and interactive dialogue simulators engage employees in the learning process, imitations of real work situations (Skype-calls, e-mails, meetings) and branching stories capture users’ attention. Employees learn from their mistakes and in the game environment practice skills that then are easily applied in practice. Ratings and diplomas provide an additional incentive to study better.

Personal Manager

Do you have questions? Your personal manager is always in touch and is ready to help you with payment, setting up learning paths, best practices of personnel evaluation.