November 02, 2015

16 Competence Sets for the Most Popular Positions

Most organizations see competences as the main reference points in HR management. Still, there are almost no standards of what CEO’s or Sales Rep’s competence sets should look like. See our comprehensive guide to competences of the 16 popular positions. Hire, train and assess better!

Ready-to-Apply Competence Sets for Your Employees

Each position in the company requires a specific set of knowledge, abilities, and skills that enable a person to act effectively in a job. There is no quick-fix to identifying employee must-have competences. Just as with everything else in business, if you want it done right, then you need to invest time and effort.

We've created a special Guide to Skills and Competences for the 16 most frequently encountered positions in order to help you develop the team where everybody perfectly fits his role and contributes to the company’s growth.

In this white paper, we are digging deep to determine what your employees need to possess to make your company prosperous. Also, you will get instructions on best training for each employee. Hire, train and assess employees better!

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Meet New Competence Mapping Tool

Most organizations use competences as the main reference points when recruiting, onboarding, training and assessing personnel.

Employees’ competence assessment and individual learning path development usually require a lot of time and money. But now companies of any size can easily apply and manage competence-based approach.

Eduson Competences Map is designed to quickly assess the employees’ competences and automatically recommends an appropriate course set.

Apply the Competences Map to boost your talent management activities. Assign tests, watch the results, create individual learning paths just in few clicks.

And… It’s free!

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