September 22, 2015

Five Reasons Why You Don't Train Employees

Can you remember the last time your company's staff took a training or a course to improve their qualifications? It's likely that the answer will be “I don't remember” or, simply, “never”. And it's also likely that the companies' heads have a couple really good reasons for that. We’ve guessed five.

Reason Number 1: Training is only for large enterprises

reason 1

«We are a small company. Every employee understands his duties very well. What else is left to learn?»

The smaller the staff, the more critical the qualifications of each and every member of the team. For example, let’s consider the sales department with 5 managers. If just one sales person is unable to handle his duties, it means a minus 20% in sales. A fifth of a company's entire sales depends on the abilities and skills of a single person.

Of course, you can let the underachiever go and find a new manager, or let him stay on and improve the knowledge of sales. Sure, it will give you a 20% increase in the end.

Reason Number 2: Training takes a lot of time

reason 2

«In order to complete the training, an employee will be torn from work for the whole day. My people don't have that kind of time; plans go unmet.»

An employee's time at work is worth a lot. Often, managers don't know how to take advantage of office programs and plan their work day. In all, dozens of valuable working hours a day are spent on mindless tasks. Teach employees the basics of time management and effective using of Microsoft Word and even these simple measures will noticeably increase the company’s productivity.

Helpful skills can be added to any employee's repertoire without having to tear them away from their work. Distance training, as opposed to face-to-face class time, is not dependent on the instructor and his schedule. Employees can study courses, for example, on the weekends from their home. Many companies take this route, according to our statistics.

Reason Number 3: Training Is Expensive

reason 3

«An average training session costs $300, that's $12,000 for 40 employees. I don't have that kind of money.»

This is absolutely true. Rather than paying for expensive courses with famous instructors, try to find courses that offer similar training online. These options are more affordable and their quality is not second to a “live” training program.

Reason Number 4: No one wants to study

reason 4

«Employees always resist all new initiatives and don't want to leave their comfort zone. I even can't make them read an extra book.»

Interesting courses stand apart from others like a Hollywood movie stands apart from an irksome documentary. A high quality course is like a blockbuster, which will hold your attention until the end. When there is a good plot with interesting content in a comfortable format, anyone can gain something from these courses.

Reason Number 5: Training can be free

reason 5

«Why pay for training, when all the materials are available on the internet for free? On YouTube, you can find thousands of lectures, books and articles for free.»

It's possible now to prepare a training program using Google for you and your assistant. However, what do you do when you need to train 40 employees of various professional backgrounds? How do you maintain confidence in quality of learning materials?

You can’t find courses taught by the world's leading instructors on YouTube. YouTube can’t inform you which employees are truly studying and which of those are simply pretending to pay attention. Only through a particular, specialized service the employees can receive full credit for a program with quality tests, as well as to get analytics reports with graphics to the supervisor.

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