July 10, 2015

Customize Eduson for Each Employee

Why is it that staff members are trained so reluctantly? Maybe it is that the courses they selected are simply unsuitable for them? Customize individual training tracks for each employee or group, taking into account their interests and qualifications.

Remote employees, office middle managers and beginners should learn courses at different levels and in different areas. Sales staff, project managers and accounts personnel will be interested in different topics.

We have taken this into account when developing Eduson; you will easily be able to customize individual training programmes for each of your staff.

Personal Training Tracks

individual track

  • Group your staff according to their professional experience, goals and interests and create a training track for these groups.
  • Make a “learinig track” for each employee, with an individual selection of courses.
  • Managers or HR managers can easily create, change and track staff’s individual development plans.

Wish List


There is also a personal wish list. Staff can add the courses that that they want to take by themselves. One click on the course icon and HR management will become easier to navigate for each employee.



An individual training plan can be downloaded into GoogleCalendar, Outlook or iCal.

Eduson automatically contains a training schedule; one lecture for each course begins on Wednesday and Saturday. The schedule can be downloaded into your calendar and can be adjusted to your preferences.

System efforts and small measured steps towards the goal are more effective than trying to learn a foreign language the night before the exam.

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