September 24, 2015

Meet the New Interactive Course Format

Statistics shows that Eduson’s courses have the highest completion rate (87%) as well as the best applicability (94% of learners put acquired skills in practice). Still, we are constantly working on the quality of our course formats and content, trying to better adjust them to the learners’ needs. See what we've prepared for you and your employees this time.

Eduson’s course library contains 300+ courses in 5 formats. We decided to make an experiment and combined different elements of classical video courses with business simulations implementing some new action learning features. What does the result look like?



  • A “Big Goal”. In the beginning of the course you meet the character who has a business-related problem. Your mission is to help him solve the problem making decisions for him.
  • Rich with tasks. The 40-minute course contains 16 exercises. It makes the course just impossible to click through.
  • Higher level of interactivity. Write down your ideas and we’ll automatically compare it with the right answer. During the course you are getting a constant feedback, feeling more and more engaged in the learning process.
  • Almost no conventional tests. Instead of boring choosing of the correct variant you need to drag&drop task components, prioritize tasks, find unnecessary elements, make multiple choice, etc.



  • A new menu and easy navigation. You can always return to the previous step, see the main menu and feel yourself comfortable like at home.
  • Useful ‘do-it-yourself’ materials. Create your work schedule and print it out in one click in the Time Management for Executives course.
  • Helpful hints. Have trouble with the task? Get a hint that will lead you to the right answer.
  • Skype talk simulation, personalization and many other engaging features. See them all!

Special Awards


Let us intrigue you a little. Some options remain locked until you pass the final exam. For example, in this course you are awarded with practical cases from Sheryl Sandberg, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Isn’t it worth your efforts?



  • Easier to comprehend. We have divided all the theory within the course into several small blocks to make it easier to perceive and memorize. Therefore, a big amount of information doesn’t threaten and bore the learners to death as it might do before.
  • Video advice. We have built short videos in the course to entertain the trainees and give them a couple minutes of rest.
  • Hints and tips. Small hints helping you answer the question also contain the bits of useful information.
  • Fair exams. Exam questions in the end of the course are picked randomly each time to make it almost impossible to cheat.

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