November 17, 2013

We have added two new features to our website - ask the teachers questions and submit your homework for feedback. In our view, the learning process is more efficient if students have the option of being able to ask teachers question about unclear course material. Even final exams can be more interesting if the test includes submitting slides or a financial model and not just choosing answers to test questions.

How does it work? You submit your question to a teacher via email and in 1-2 days you will get an answer. Questions are answered by the teachers or their teaching assistants.

For some of our courses, the mid-term or final exam includes submitting a presentation, Excel model or other file for checking, which the teacher will comment on and grade.

The ask questions option is available to both corporate and individual users who have purchased the course.

Announcing a new e-learning platform for individual clients: Eduson Academy
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