November 28, 2013

Eduson’s service for companies has gone live, so you can subscribe to its library of courses right now. Our service has been tested by a range of businesses including Сoca-Сola Нellenic, and GetTaxi. Your HR-manager will love the cutting-edge, user-friendly e-learning service, while you and your colleagues will enjoy our courses :)

So what makes our website different? 1. A library of 392 videos is available for your employees. 2. Analytics and reports are available for HR-managers.

Feedback from our corporate clients has been positive with particular praise for the way that unique learning tracks can be created for different groups of employees. The system recognizes that staff in regional offices, senior staff and newbies all have different training needs.  

Our clients also like our pioneering technologies which mean you can start learning in 2 clicks via laptops, tablets, smartphones. No need to upload the content to LMS; no more IT-department wars.

Get your 14-day trial now.

Announcing a new e-learning platform for individual clients: Eduson Academy
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