July 18, 2013

The bestsellers were the first to be translated: “Financial modeling in Excel”  by Natasha Zagvozdina, former Managing Director at Renaissance Capital, a course on equity valuation, “Strategy for Stormy Times” by Dominic Houlder, Adjunct Professor at London Business School, and a special course “From $0 to $400 million gross sales in 1.5 years” by Peter Kutis, a serial entrepreneur. The courses have full voiceovers in three languages, and additional translated materials, readings and presentations. The remaining courses have translations for their course description and list of contents, while the lectures are available in English only.

The user can switch between languages at any moment and keep all the settings so that a course in Chinese will resume from the moment you press the pause key in its English version.

We decided to make local translations of Eduson.tv after a few months when we saw the majority of users are from the BRICs.  In the last month alone, 80% of new users came from Brazil and India.

With an economic slowdown in the BRICs, the need for remote education is growing. According to The International Council for Open and Distance Education, more than 15% of students choose remote education in Brazil, while in India it’s over 50%.

Announcing a new e-learning platform for individual clients: Eduson Academy
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