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Sales | Inbound Call Center Agent career

Accents Simulator

You will learn how to…
Manage sales negotiations
Build rapport with clients
Effectively interact with people of different styles
Conduct negotiations by phone effectively
Sales Simulation

What is this simulator about

Your name is Alex and your job is to communicate with customers over the phone. You will have to deal with a diverse number of clients who have absolutely different problems. In addition, their command of English also varies quite widely.

Some of the clients have problems with bills or computers, others are looking for food to order, or are tracking their orders from online shops. You will meet both pleasant and nice customers, as well as some angry and difficult-to-handle clients.

Your main goal is to make each customer happy and satisfied with the level of service that your company provides.

Who is this<br />simulator for?

  • Call center agents
  • Call center managers
  • Sales development reps
  • Beginner sales reps
  • Entrepreneurs

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