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How to Communicate with Clients in a Friendly and Respectful Manner

You will learn how to…
Create a mutual understanding with the client
Maintain your position
Create friendly and sympathetic atmosphere
Overcome angry clients' objections
Business Case
Started: 1986

What is this course about?

As an Incoming Call Center Agent, you face conversations of all types with clients every day. Whether that involves simply providing them with explanations regarding certain topics or actively offering solutions to their problems, your knowledge, experience, and communication skills are essential for effective customer service.

Establishing a positive tone with the people calling in is very important, since this will facilitate any conversations you have with them.

This simulator is dedicated to teaching you how to communicate with clients in a friendly and respectful way in a variety of different situations.

Specifically, you will learn how to give clients calls to action without being forceful, overcoming potential objections in an insistent, but polite way, gathering the correct types of feedback without being pushy, saying “no” to customers and being able to continue negotiations with them, and dealing with angry client objections calmly.

Who is this course for?

  • All sales professionals
  • Beginner sales reps
  • Call center agents
  • Sales managers
  • Call center managers

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