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How to Handle Difficult Customer Encounters

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Maintain confidence
Reach compromises
Work towards a solution
Adapt your behavior
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О чем этот тренажер?

As an Incoming Call Center Agent, you face conversations of all types with clients every day.

Whether that involves simply providing them with explanations regarding certain topics or actively offering solutions to their problems, your knowledge, experience, and communication skills are essential for effective customer service.

Handling difficult customers is a common situation for incoming call center agents, and this course will go over these situations and offer the right ways to approach them.

In this simulator, you will learn how to respond politely to angry customers, avoid making excuses or shifting blame, listen to clients for key information and offer sympathy, keep a cool head and not get provoked by client profanity, and generally which techniques to use with difficult clients.


Для кого этот тренажер?

  • All sales professionals
  • Everyone involved in negotiations
  • Client managers
  • Beginner sales reps
  • Call center managers