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Eduson.tv forecast: robots will be teaching kids in 2037

In 30 years the education system will be disrupted and rebuilt from the scratch. By 2037, robots with artificial intelligence will have replaced teachers. The forecast is both intimidating and inspiring.

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva: the linear throwaway economy of today is coming to an end

In her upcoming course “Sustainability for Competitive Advantage” Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva shares the best examples of the radical innovation for resource-deprived world. She says that "the linear throwaway economy of today" has no future. It is replaced by new economy that "takes the line and turns it into a circle".

Bloomberg: leading companies record courses for Eduson.tv

Nowadays you can go back to school without leaving your living room. Eduson.tv differs from other MOOCs providing business courses taught mostly by real-world practitioners, says Elena Masolova, CEO, interviewed by Francesca Di Meglio, Bloomberg Businessweek reporter.

Eduson.tv launches its Chinese, Russian and Portuguese versions

Eduson.tv website, the course list and some courses have been translated in the three languages. 

Wharton and LBS professors and a Merrill Lynch banker are the new Eduson lecturers

Dr. Paul King of Wharton Business School, Prof. Dominic Houlder of LBS and Arie Kravtchin, Director in Investment Banking of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, have recorded their courses for Eduson.

What is Eduson?

Eduson is live! You can browse our courses catalogue and read about our plans. 

Interview with Daphne Koller, CEO of COURSERA

Elena Masolova, EDUSON co-founder, interviewed Daphne Koller, CEO of COURSERA for Hopes and Fears. What are the trends in e-learning and where do students come from.

Airbnb has $1,7bn in sales – still any doubts about $2,5bn valuation?

Airbnb growth looks like hockey stick. Look at the nights booked. Say ‘wow’ to their client base growth. Double check in disbelief their valuation of $2,5 billion. And then uncover truth about their revenue with us.


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